About Us


 Singapore Tourism Board Travel Agent License No. 02486 


Exotic Escapade began with 2 guys, as they lay exhausted, freezing, and near death for almost 10 hours – on the windblown snow-scoured slopes of a remote Himalayan mountain… nah, actually our Exotic Escapade story began in a nondescript Starbucks in Vivocity. It is actually true that we once climbed a remote Himalayan mountain – but that’s a story for another day.


Exotic Escapade is a boutique small-group adventure travel company. Our vision is to remain a boutique small-group adventure travel company.


We seek out the places on Earth which beckon to us with their natural beauty, unique culture, and mysterious allure. And then create itineraries so delightful that they would be irresistible even to us, and which we hope you will love as well. 


Our team comprises of experienced outdoor leaders and enthusiasts who work tirelessly and cheerfully to make each trip successful. Our close relationships with locals at each destination enables us to ensure each trip is tailored to a consistently high standard of quality, thereby creating a memorable and enriching experience for you.   


At this point, we interrupt with a question from a hypothetical kiasi-typical Singaporean: “I never been these type of places before leh! How?? Safe Anot???”


Someone much wiser than us replied: “If you want something you never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”. Well that sounds legit. Therefore, allow us to safely guide you into a world of adventures and opportunities. We promise you will be in for a real treat. Let us make your next trip the awesomest experience ever. Something you will remember for a long time to come. Confirm, plus guarantee, plus chop *







*PS: the lawyers told us that we can’t give unconditional guarantees cos even politicians don’t do that. We still want you to know that we will always give our very best 🙂