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“It was totally awesome, one of the best trips ever!”


“It was amazing, full of breathtaking views and definitely a place i want to visit again! :-)”


“The holiday of my life so far 🙂 Awesomeness!”


“It was great up in the mountains, with so many breathtaking views during our drive and trek. If i were to go again, i’d stay up at the high passes/peak longer to enjoy the sceneries fully.”


“Beautiful scenery, interesting sights/culture, fun company and good food. OHH! and a variety of animal shits along the trek! NICE! haha.”


“Can tell alot of planning went into the organisation and execution of the trip. Great trip leaders with great sense of humour and loads of experience to share with the rest.”


“The trip was really enjoyable. i’d join again next year :)”


“For an adventure of a lifetime, stories to tell your grandchildren! And of course bragging rights! You were on Mount Everest!”


“The things i saw, the majestic view of the mountain, the humble locals, the beautiful culture there…. the whole package has deeply imprinted in my memories, now i look forward for my next adventure!!!=)”


“A memorable aspect of the trip is the friendship and bonds that are forged during the trip. Trekking is no easy task, but with the help and support rendered by your peers throughout the trip, it keeps you motivated to reach the destination.”



“Everyone should go for this trip because this will be one of your best holiday ever. You get to trek and enjoy the beautiful scenery with your friends and loved one, and this bonds will last many years down the road after graduation.”


” I really loved the trip (even though i signed up alone) the people in the group were great and very nice 🙂 the activities were fun too! loved everyone of them THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


“My Mauritius trip was decided on an impulse, without second thought. but it was the BEST impulsive decision i’ve ever made :D”


“Mauritius was indeed created before the heavens :D”


“It will change you. (I swear.) “


“Nostalgic. Loved the carefreeness, the fact that we do not need to worry abt anything, just live day by day, knowing that everything is well planned out. I will go back there again years later, if *** would bring us again :)”


“Its not everyday you get to see millions of stars at night, hear the constant waves crashing on shore, touch the rawness of rocky mother nature, and last of all experience life back to basic! Best nature trip ever! “


“If only i knew French, i could have blended with the Mauritian people and stayed in Mauritius ALL MY LIFE!!!”


“Super awesome trip with super awesome new friends in a super awesome land with super awesome beaches & mountains! :)”


” Going with a group from Singapore is definitely more enjoyable! Not forgetting sharing comfort local food up in the mountain. Bak kwa and instant noodles after a long day of trekking in the cold is simply shiok!”


“To the roof of Africa – a trip of a lifetime  :-)”


“It’s kinda different from the himalayas. And Africa will change the way you see the world.”


Too awesome to describe and definitely very very very worth it! 😀

” Exciting activities, breathtaking scenery, awesome company – An adventure of a lifetime!”

I find this trip particularly suitable for first timers who are seeking adventure in the outdoors. It has a good mix of outdoor activities… and also chill ones like road tripping. Trust me, words and photos do not do justice to the beauty of the Indian Himalayas. You’ll be amazed at what it has to offer!

Amazing landscapes with kind and sincere guides and a chance to meet likeminded friends has made every single day of the trip really memorable. Definitely worth the cold and colder showers!! 😀

The sense of achievement when a day is done and more limits have been pushed!

Immersing oneself in the wilderness of Central Asia was definitely a therapeutic retreat from the daily hustle bustle

Trekking to EBC was an exhilarating experience. I have no regrets and would do this again in a heartbeat.

The organisation of logistics, air transfers, food, ground travel and accommodation were splendid.

The mountain range offers a different trekking experience and it is by far the most beautiful trek i’ve been on.

The trip was exhilarating! The journey was put together covering the most scenic routes. Must try.

The Kyrgyzstan trip was an amazing and challenging trek that i didn’t regret signing up for. Great people and differing terrain made for a memorable and less conventional time spent abroad for the holidays.

“An awesome opportunity to meet new friends along the way!”

“Although there were parts of it that were difficult, the scenery and the company made up for it.”

“Rinjani is truely a magnificent trek… Great experience and great friends made!”